Was Crack Cocaine Invented In Oakland

was crack cocaine invented in oakland


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After the Contra-Sandinista war ended, the Meneses/Blandn ring went into operations for themselves, and in 1989 the U.S. Our home phone was monitored, she said. Our reports were based on the work of many other people--including the Christic Institute, columnist Alexander Cockburn, journalists Martha Honey and Tony Avirgan, filmmaker Barbara Trent (who created the film Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra-Affair), and Professor Peter Dale Scott (author of The Iran Contra Connection--Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era). But it was not the only time she ever talked about it. Picture a jury trial for a man accused of arson. He told me, "CIA pretty much knows everything we do at NPI. WE WANT TRIALS BY A JURY OF PEERS FOR All PERSONS CHARGED WITH SO-CALLED CRIMES UNDER THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY. The LA riots remain, to this day, the largest domestic insurrection since the civil war. Since the Nixon Administration, emerging drug trends in producing countries had been a mandate of CIA collection efforts. A psychiatrist in Bolivia, Dr.


They [CIA] sell you the drugs, and when their police on the street catch you with them, they then put yu in their prisons working for 25 cents an hour displacing American workers and driving down wages, he said. Such an arrangement is necessary to prevent one agency from arresting another agency's undercover operatives. So intense was the addiction that desperate South American psychiatrists had resorted to bilateral anterior cyngulotomies (lobotomies) to stop the addiction (Ruppert 3). Two portions of those printouts are telling. Army and the World Health Organization. This is a pure military weapon known as a "Ma Deuce" and something which is not obtainable at your local surplus store. It was, until now, widely accepted that the case could not be proven because of two fallacious straw obstacles to that proof. In video games[edit]. His name was Gary Webb.


Cracked Coverage: Television News, the Anti-Cocaine Crusade, and the Reagan Legacy. And, being trusted by Congress, our suspect continued to thwart attempts to stop the fire and find the cause. In early November 1996, two weeks before I confronted CIA Director John Deutch at Locke High School in Watts, I attended another congressional town hall meeting in Compton hosted by Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald. How the CIA Created the Crack Epidemic. Any law enforcement agency conducting an investigation of a drug trafficker must first run the suspect's name through a computer search to find out if anyone else has an ongoing investigation of that suspect. Dark Alliance. Ruppert, The LA WEEKLY, March 8-14, 1985 (referenced as Ruppert 1). In 1986, the U.S.


Webb reports that, when the Somoza dictatorship collapsed, the Blandn family lost their cattle ranches and their property in sprawling urban slums. 20002016 San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center. I thank Gary Webb and Orange County Weekly reporter Nick Schou for giving me the missing pieces I had waited nineteen years to find. In August 1996, right after the Webb stories appeared, I was a call-in guest on a number of radio talk shows with Gary and I recall stating that I knew nothing about CIA selling crack cocaine on street corners but I knew a great deal about CIA bringing it in on airplanes and boats. At first the Party only concerned itself with self-defense, monitoring the police, and distributing its newspaper. Research books[edit]. Initially, crack had higher purity than street powder.[2] Around 1984, powder cocaine was available on the street at an average of 55 percent purity for $100 per gram (equivalent to $230 in 2015), and crack was sold at average purity levels of 80-plus percent for the same price.[1] In some major cities, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Houston and Detroit, one dosage unit of crack could be obtained for as little as $2.50 (equivalent to $5.70 in 2015).[1]. 5: WE WANT DECENT EDUCATION FOR OUR PEOPLE THAT EXPOSES THE TRUE NATURE OF THIS DECADENT AMERICAN SOCIETY. He began his testimony by stating, "What I would like to talk to you about for the most part is the importance of telling the truth We have given a great deal of cocaine to many individuals and find it to be a most unremarkable drug.". Webb says Blandn and Ross helped decide which drug organizations grew strong: Drug dealers either bought cocaine from "Freeway Rick" Ross, the frontman for the Contras, or else they went out of business. 8ea806a005

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